Don’t Get Caught Empty-Handed This Holiday Season

A wine gift is always a perfect for the holidays.

Few things are more embarrassing than showing up at a holiday party empty-handed. I take that back, not having a gift at a gift exchange could be worse.

Never fear, we’re hear to help save you from embarrassment and show you how to present your gift with some flair.

Consider these five wine gift concepts to set your bottle apart from the rest:


#1 Bottles that impress.


A great reserve label with a vintage year shows quality and higher end style. There are also many wines with unique labels that can share the perfect message. Don’t be afraid to pick a wine simply because the label speaks to you!

#2 Match your choice of wine to the person’s personality.

An assortment of fine Italian varietals like Pinot Grigio or Sangiovese for the Italian food lover; or a choice of impressive North American varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot for the local wine enthusiast.


#3 Gift baskets that keep on giving.

Pair a nice wine with salami, cheese, olive oil and crackers. Add a cork puller, cheese knife and two wine glasses for the perfect wine gift basket. Also try the Pasta & Piccolo for an instant Italian meal complete with porcini pasta sauce, imported pasta and Sangiovese wine.

Vineyard olive oils and vinegars, herbs and seasonings as well as dessert sauces add a flavorful twist to your gift of wine. You’ll leave a long-lasting impression on wine and food lovers with a personal wine gift basket!


#4 Accessorize.

Consider including small accessories, such as drip stoppers, decorative corks and wine stoppers or wine charms. For a gift within a gift, wrap your wine in a fine bath linen, tablecloth or vintage material and tie with a large satin ribbon.


#5 Personalize.

A nice wine gift bag adds a bit of flare to a single bottle gift. Add the final touch with a personalized note or holiday gift card that everyone will appreciate.



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Don’t Get Caught Empty-Handed This Holiday Season

A wine gift is always a perfect for the holidays. Few...

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