Welcome to Must Find Wine

Hey there! We are Matthew and Michaela, a husband and wife team that is passionate about local wines.

We want to help you find local wines that come from unexpected locations around the United States.

Like you, we don’t live in Europe, Australia or even California.

On top of that, we’re raising a young family and rarely have the opportunity to travel too far from the Midwest.

Visiting “wine country” before retirement seemed like a far off dream. It was a dilemma. In fact, it was a little depressing.

Then one day, while cruising around the countryside we discovered a small local winery.

We stopped in, bought a tasting, gazed out at the green vineyard, and with each sip our interest grew. It was good, in fact it was more than just good, it was fantastic. It was wine country right in our own backyard.

Afterward, we raced home and searched for more wineries near us. Lo and behold, there were dozens hiding right under our noses.

Since then, we have been trying and buying as much local wine as we can get our hands on. Now, we want to bring what we’ve learned to you.

Unlike many wine websites, we’re not snooty wine critics. Consider us wine tour guides, here to help you find new wines near you.

No longer do you have to plan a trip to the far flung corners of the earth to experience good wine or relax in a vineyard.

Let us guide you to little neighborhood tasting rooms and craft wineries right in your own backyard.  Places where they mix local fruit with local culture to make a one of a kind experience.

Along the way, we’ll also share recipes and crafts with you, because wine isn’t just for drinking.

We also have a fun gift shop full of wine accessories that will enhance your drinking experience.

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Thank you for checking us out. You can learn more at www.mustfindwine.com.



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