You won’t believe how much this wine cork costs

There are thousands of awesome wine cork crafts online including hundreds of cork keychains.

While poking around Pinterest late last night for wine cork crafts, my wife and I stumbled across what must be the most expensive wine cork we’ve ever seen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just a wine cork.

It’s a branded natural champagne cork that is attached to a brass keychain.

It’s functional. It’s fashionable. It’s expensive.

The keychain is sold by Giles & Brother and retails for $95.00.

Giles & Brothers KeychainGiles & Brother has some really fantastic pieces in their collection. They clearly take pride in their work and it shows.

As they say on their website.

Giles & Brother is the collaboration of brother-sister duo Philip and Courtney “Giles” Crangi. A jewelry and accessories design house with a strong point of view and a foundation in American craftsmanship, Giles & Brother offers a smart, pared-down perspective on fashion jewelry. We believe that a piece becomes more beautiful when it reveals the hand that made it, and our signature brass and silver oxide finishes maintain a rough-hewn quality that imbues our cuffs, wraps, rings and necklaces with their own heritage.

If you’re in the market for fine handcrafted jewelry then they are certainly a place you’ll want to look.


Build your own champaign cork keychain

However, follow the links below if you have some time and want to make a keychain similar to theirs at a fraction of the cost.

On Amazon, you can buy 100 recycled champaign corks for $18.99 plus shipping. These corks won’t have your personal brand on them but they come from a variety of wineries around the world.

You can also pick up 100 keychain rings with a chain for $8.99 plus applicable shipping costs.

After that, just screw the eye pin into the cork then attach the chain.

Obviously, it won’t look as nice as the Giles & Brother keychain but you’ll have a functional and fashionable champaign cork keychain of your own.

Or, you can spend the $95.00 to get the original.



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